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  • Posting in here as I snail slowly do the curriculum so I have somewhere to put this kinda stuff. Critique and help is fine, as this is all learning, I'm just glad theres a spot to be able to post assignment work and kinda, keep track of yourself while having discussion and getting advice.
    Anyway heres the first one.
    Lord did I find drawing upside down hard to do, and found I did the boots a bit short, the torso a bit long, and the gun barrel a bit long as well, besides some minor nit picking. But I think despite that I did a p good job. For starting off ya know. I'll probably add more here tomorrow.

  • It is day two and boy did my brain not want to do this the second I realized what I was doing. I, started with the circle shape, pretty sure I did it too thin, and it honestly threw the entire drawing off course. So I might do this a second round later to see if I can do it better. Im too used to blocking out shapes and starting right off in the finished lines with something so, geometric is like, the opposite of what I do. Anyway heres the art.
    Im fine with critique because Im already critiquing it to hell and back. Also I obviously ran out of space. oops.
    The drawing yesterday I managed I'm pretty sure because it was a character, not an, air compressor or whatever.

  • Nice work! I'm slowly working my way through the curriculum, too. I have found it really nice to have a clear path to follow.

  • @Kiel-Ewing Thanks! It is pretty nice to be given direction, and explained things in depth along the way too. So its not being told to just do something, but also why, how the things works, and all that so it becomes more of knowledge and a tool rather than just a project guide.

    I skipped wednesday because I scheduled myself to not do it on wednesdays for now, to focus on other things to study. But now its thureday hehe.
    This one was hard too but not as hard to me, because more measured geometric shapes. that and, I let myself erase my bad lines this time. (jake kept doing everything in one clean stroke so I thought thats just what I had to do too lol)
    Its, a little off looking and this time, I dont actually know what spot on the drawing is doing it. Like the back leg is a little too close to that front leg where they almost touch, but to pull it away would be to shorten it too much. Its just, slightly askew all over but only by a minor amount. Wish I knew what spot was causing it. Either way I think I did better than last time and thats GOOD and this is homework. its not supposd to be perfect. to have perfect homework on your first go means you learn nothing. Will do another study day tomorrow, then take the weekend off from it. (basically only doing this 4 days a week, for now)

  • Did todays work, and boy did I learn some things, oddly less about drawing and more about me.
    So I didn't find these classes too hard because I already have done an inking class on this site, I think the upper level one, where I already did some of these exercises.
    the issue I had though, was this time unlike my inking classes, I drew the lines real close together, and just used a generic pen instead of my art ones. And I found the longer I went, the harder it got, not from a skill or technical standpoint, but that I was literally losing my ability to see my own lines. Mind my paper is NOT beige, it is white, this is just thanks to my phone.
    The lines started to almost like, web together as I went, to where near the end of the straight ones I would have to stop mid draw because the whole image infront of me went white and I couldnt see anything, and had to close my eyes and wait. Never had that happen before.
    With the curvey lines, they kept moving as I was drawing more and more, and it made it really difficult to follow them when they to my eyes, just kept moving.
    Ive never had that happen before but at the same time, Ive never done exercises quite like this before either, although I should have expected it, as whenever I sketch digitally, I always do it on a blue background because if its on white, after a while its hard to see my lines, and I get a headache or migraine.
    7a06fd77-ac3f-4f42-9c88-1402ba3d3886-image.png I usually sketch on a color about this range because otherwise I can't draw. My friend was looking it up as I was talking about it and said I might have high contrast problems with my eyes and said it was recommended to get colored shades when doing things like this as its supposd to help.
    Does anyone else have this problem? And if so what do you do to handle it? Cause this, sucks. I mean it doesnt stop me but it sucks.

  • Sorry for delay but heres yesterdays and todays work.
    These I found really hard which means I need to practice them more

  • @SugarAndSunshine You write after your lines, I do the same. Today's lines were "today is not your day" but I had prayed about drawing better circles and ellipses and they were better today. I write all through my sketchbooks. lols

    Concerning your eyes, maybe eye strain in which since it's new, take some more breaks. I also soak my eyes in hot and cold clothe to help with my headaches and eye strain -cool to cold works best for my eyes. It's new so just take it easy, a little everyday.

  • @SugarAndSunshine I am reviewing this class this month because combining forms is a struggle. I am surprised though you are using pen, I will be using pencil until I am comfortable and confident. Your improve, you just need to make sure your lines match to the vps, if it looks off it generally is. And if you are going to proceed to use pen draw a thicker line around the outside lines, a thinner line on the inside lines and on the interior (the sides you don't see) make even thinner -I suppose it depends on the thickness of your pens.

  • @Heather-Boyd
    Yeah, writing helps me be self aware of what im doing sometimes as I go lol.
    I wouldn't call myself 'new' to this. Just new to doing so many so close at one time. Eye strain with black on white has always been a problem, hence me explaining I tend to sketch on blue, as white is too hard for me.

    As for using a pen, Im doing that because I dont have to go over my lines to darken them, that and, whatever you draw with a pen is permeant (unless you use a white pen) but the idea behind doing it like that is, it forces me to see my own progress lines for how I process doing things. Its like seeing your own thoughts layed out as you did the homework, instead of erasing it with pencil, or having it get rubbed off. Its like having to show your work when doing math homework, as opposed to just writing the answer. That way, if something feels off, I can see why it feels off and how I got there. Thats the idea anyways, instead of habit erasing sketch lines. It also forces me to try to draw cleaner lines, instead of so many sketchy ones. A win win. (that and Im used to using a pen, as ive done inktober for 5 years)
    Im using a rather, generic writing pen, so the outlines of some of the shapes (like the perspective ones) are thicker so I can tell those were my outside lines while I was drawing the shapes. So I feel comfortable with where they are.

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