Beach scene feedback please

  • I just started this piece and I’m wondering about the kite. Should I keep it? Should I include the person at the end? Or maybe a leg or something? Is the composition compromised with the string slicing through? Thanks friends!

  • @Asyas_illos The kite feels really prominent in the image to not have a character attached to it. My first thought would be to move it back in the scene. I like the person half buried in the sand. Fun picture!

  • Hmm @Frogpunzel makes a really good point about a lack of character attached to it... is the kite relevant to the story? If not, perhaps something else in the sky? If so, moving it way back with a kid holding it might work better... OR have the kid way back but holding the kite in perspective? Not sure if that would work, but just an idea.

  • @Sabrina-Gosselin @Frogpunzel thank you that’s exactly what I was thinking guess I just needed some more eyes to be sure. Thanks

  • @Asyas_illos Not sure what you're planning on with some of the characters, but maybe the person half buried can be holding the kite. It would just need to be flipped horizontally. I like this so far!

  • @carolinebautista I decided to scrap the kite for now maybe it will reappear later...

  • Got a little work in this afternoon😁

  • You have so many interesting scenarios and tiny details going in the bottom third of this piece but I keep looking at the clouds because of the dark line work, can you try making the linework thinner and lighter or drop it out all together to see if that keeps the eye weighted to real story.? Just a suggestion.:)

  • @Larue thank you yes it’s a bit distracting...

  • I changed the color of the sky completely but I kinda miss the blue it maybe to close in value to the sand🤔

  • Ok back to blue😝

  • SVS OG

    @Asyas_illos this is looking great - the one thing I am wondering is if this is a 2 page spread? I made a mock gutter layer for a project I’m working on - I’ve been putting it on my top layer when sorting out a composition. I applied it to your painting and to me It looks like it might be good to scoot the sand castle/buried parent over a bit if it is a 2 page spread.... but maybe it is not a 2 page spread 🙂


  • @Kevin-Longueil that's great! Thank you! Its just a personal piece possibly
    Portfolio but I could try and scoot the “sandman” over a tad. Love that gutter trick

  • C9B90581-7937-4479-8C80-53824898DB9A.jpeg
    @Kevin-Longueil how’s this? Is that a download, the faux gutter? I use procreate. Or did you make it yourself?

  • Here was my inspiration! LOL how scary is my daughter?! Hahaha we built this sandman last fall/winter in humboldt .

  • SVS OG

    @Asyas_illos Love the hair! The piece does look better to me but my thoughts were just in case it was a 2 page spread 🙂 (i use procreate too - the faux gutter is just a transparent layer with a straight technical pen line down the middle with a couple quick soft airbrush passes over it..takes just a minute to make)

  • @Asyas_illos very cute -- and love the inspiration pic!

    So, as @Kevin-Longueil said, if this is meant to be a two page spread (which might be a good thing to include if you're looking to build a picture book portfolio), then you may want to compose the illustration not only thinking about the gutter, but leaving a space for the placement of text. Two good spots that jump out to me for text placement are the right side of the sky (if you move clouds) or the bottom right in the sand (perhaps moving the buried parent character up a smidge to leave room.

    What I noticed about the composition: the characters are all almost on the same plane and are all similar in size. With nothing in the foreground, there isn't a focal point to draw my eye with the characters; my eyes keep wanting to focus on the clouds (which are great, by the way, but not your intended focal point, I'm guessing).

    This is just one possible solution: move your main character into the foreground so that she's bigger than everyone else. We'll get to see more of her face and will more easily read her expression, which will help sell the overall emotion of the piece.

    And one more teensy note about color: if an art director were looking at this piece in your portfolio, they might question your color choices. That bright turquoise of the sea can sometimes have a substantial color shift when converted over to CMYK for printing. It also competes for dominance.

    Love the new color of the sky! Perhaps warming up the blue in the water will help with color cohesion?

    Sorry if I'm coming across as being very nitpicky. Honestly, this is one of my favorite pieces of yours. (After the Alice fairytale traveler!) ❤

  • @Melissa-Bailey-0 not nit-picky at all! That's what we’re here for right?! All very good and valid points. I think I may end up removing some of the clouds altogether and I actually have more characters I am adding, I’m not entirely sure that the girl is the main character, so I’ll take the planes in mind mine as sketch them out. As for the cmyk thing, I have no idea but that’s a bummer cuz I love turquoise! I’ll have check out some books and see how close some get to turquoise.🤔 I’ll work on the color. @Kevin-Longueil thanks for the tip!

  • My daughter died laughing at her picture 😂😂 ok so I adjusted the water a little 😉 an removed a couple clouds. Also moved the group of seagulls on the
    right to the foreground. They got a little blurry though when I enlarged them, maybe it works because the focus is behind them anyway? Should i redraw them clearer? Does this give the image depth @Melissa-Bailey-0 ? I have decided on an old man flying an elaborate kite for the top right side and maybe have the kite tail going across the spread. we’ll see if it still works composition-wise after a sketch

  • @Asyas_illos I like the seagulls! And with this newest composition, my eyes go to the girl and the sandman right away. I'm no expert, but it seems more pleasing for the eye to move. Really darling illustration!

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