Prop Design Classwork

  • Hello everybody! I just finished the Prop Design class. I went with a set of objects meant for a character that is an alchemist and somewhat of a hermit. Their furniture is stuff they could make themselves, living in the woods. The lamp is a cross between a bonsai tree and a mushroom growing out of stone. The alchemist chiseled the stone out of the ground and polished the underneath side to resemble a pot, and left the top as the natural rock surface. Some mixture of elements stimulates the plant to emit bioluminescent light. Reading material is a book of alchemical recipes.

    At first, I thought I had aimed way too high for my current skill level. The organic forms of the plant were really difficult and I found myself considering dropping it for something more rigid and easily defined. But I stuck with it and I ended up really liking what I came up with.

    I really tried to focus on the perspective of the objects for this image. I wanted to test my ability to place objects at different angles and appear to believably rest on the same plane.

    I am curious if anyone has suggestions on making an image with mostly dull, non-reflective textures pop a little more. It seems to me that adding highlights really seems to give some life to images, but my chosen subject matter didn't really call for it.


    I am including my detail sketch of the lamp because it is easily the coolest sketch I've ever done and I just want to share. It has a lot more detail than the version in the final image.


    Any feedback is much appreciated. I have thick skin, so don't hold back. 🙂
    If anyone is interested, I can post the silhouettes/thumbnails as well.