May Contest WIP

  • My second post of the day 🙈

    Sorry for the quality of the photo, my scanner is not cooperating... I just joined SVSLearn so this will be my first contest, and I'm both anxious and excited! I've done maybe a handful of full illustrations in my life, so this is going to be an interesting challenge for me 😅

    Curious to know if I'm going in the right direction... I know that's a broad request, so perhaps thoughts on composition and details? Does it go from foreground to background alright? Any weirdness, things that catch your eye (I mean, considering it's a rough messy sketch)... thanks!

    P.S. for those who would like to know, the little critter is a young bat/mouse/squirrel hybrid named Merly (named by my 3-year-old daughter 😊 ) who has a robin hood complex of sorts.


  • I really like this extreme perspective and your character. I'm not clear on what the leaf looking thing falling is but it is dead center and getting too much attention from my eye. I think your character needs to not be riding that bottom edge. Perhaps just try moving you whole bottom up. Looking good, looking forward to seeing the final!

  • @Larue Thanks! The leaf-looking thing is a makeshift parachute of sorts (the archer shot an arrow through it so it's just floating useless to the ground). I see your point about it being in the center though, I'll see if I can't shift it somewhere else. As for the character riding the edge, my idea was to have him breaking the frame to enhance the effect of the impact. 🤷♀

    Thank you so much for your input! 😄

  • @Sabrina-Gosselin I think you might struggle to get all those details to look clear enough in the 1200x1200px size limit which the competition prescribes. I certainly had this problem myself in the previous one. It's a bummer to first figure that out after you're done.

  • @Morten-Christiansen Ah yeah, good point... I'm wondering if because I'm using mostly markers (not-so-fine nib/chisel tip) it might force me to keep the details at a minimum as I keep going... I'll keep it in mind though, thank you for the heads up re: your experience 🙂

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