Procreate brushes at higher dpi

  • I really like the thickness of the 6b pencil stroke on Procreate. However, when I use it on a canvas at 600dpi, the stroke becomes smooth. Is there any way to keep the thick stroke at higher resolution?

    I Iike to draw on canvases at 600dpi in case I ever choose to print.

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    Duplicate the brush.

    Then tap the new brush and go into the Brush Studio. Go to "Properties".

    Increase the Brush Behavior "Maximum Size" to something bigger than 9%, (which is what it's set at right now). I set mine at Maximum. See if that works for you.

    You can also get the pressure of your pencil to adjust the size. If you go into the Apple Pencil settings and adjust Pressure "Size" to maximum, you'll be able to control the pencil's size with how hard you press.

  • @Coreyartus Thanks! I’ll definitely try those out!

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