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  • RE: Setting Up A Wordpress Website For Artists - Free Course

    Oh my gosh yes!!!! That would be unbelievably generous and helpful and so welcome!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  • RE: Sculptures and Sets

    @kylebeaudette I have always loved your sculpts!! Super nice! I think for lighting that starting with a diffused light that lights the whole area evenly then adding directional light and possibly raking light to capture important texture would help make the lighting feel more natural or real...this is what i remember from helping to photograph sculptures some 25 years or so ...the lighting right now makes me picture the lightbulb right outside the window - you probably know all of this...and i could be wrong..anyways ...great work πŸ™‚

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  • RE: another portfolio to look at please :)

    @djlambson It is not an instant read for me...i think if the first letters of each name were capitalized and the "s" was tamed a tiny bit it would read faster for me - i really like your farm image with the chicken sweeping the porch!

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  • RE: Painting with iPad Pro using Procreate drawing.

    @erinrew great first digital painting! - for other places to look to learn I would say Nikko Lockertsen is the way to go - he is a procreate master

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  • RE: Websites and Online Portfolios

    @silvialcg I was going to say the same thing as Tessa! You have a great name - very fluid sounding - will look good on book covers too πŸ™‚

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  • RE: Tone and Shadows Help

    @Travion Hey Travoin - this looks cool - I have not looked far into lighting and shadow class so i am not sure if you are working on local value or if you are trying to make the face have volume in this drawing? So for feedback i would say that the drawing seems very flat and seems mostly concerned with local value and not lighting - mostly it is hard to detect where your light source is coming form - i think it is from the right though - i did a quick and dirty draw over to add some lighting - i think an obvious light source makes all decisions so much easier for me when i'm drawing - but maybe you are going for a flatter style? you can always go very dramatic with your lighting on its own layer and then back off the opacity until it seems right and then start drawing over that instead of going for subtlety right away
    Untitled_Artwork 22.jpg

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  • RE: Congrats to Neha Rawat for Winning the SCBWI Portfolio Showcase!

    Well done @Neha-Rawat !!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  • RE: Our SVS Virtual Studio AUGUST 2020😎

    @ina LOL. I only asked because I had something elaborate planned last year and I regretted not starting my prep work early.

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  • RE: Our SVS Virtual Studio AUGUST 2020😎

    @jsnzart wow. Very nice. πŸ‘

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  • RE: What’s a good starter digital illustration class?

    If you're interested in learning digital tools, Will Terry has several courses: Beginning Photoshop, 10 Step Digital Painting, and iPad pro Painting in Procreate. Lee White also has a Creating Custom Brushes in Photoshop class.

    But they're not really going to help you learn to draw without reference... Drawing from the imagination is a skill that's peppered all through practically every course... I, too, struggle with exactly what you're talking about. I want to be able to create great work that doesn't look like I'm simply copying reference, and I constantly struggle to find the correct reference for what I need. Three classes that really helped me imagine how to use my visual reference better and not be trapped by it were Stylizing Human Characters and Posing Characters both with Jake Parker, as well as Shane Hunt's Effective Vehicle Design.

    I also found How to Draw Everything to be particularly helpful, and it is the first class in the SVSLearn Course Curriculum, which is a great sequence of courses.

    But honestly, the best thing I've personally heard about how to draw from imagination is that we aren't making things up but actually drawing from our memories... That an artist's capacity to draw from imagination comes from learning how to "see" what's important and remembering from repetition/studies what things are supposed to look like and the logic behind it... So in a way, you're still using reference but it's in your head...

    I'm slowly learning (OMGitssopainfullyslow) that I can't draw something until I reach an internal level of understanding about it in my head. And then I just draw that understanding. And it leads to some weird looking stuff that I inevitably have to stop drawing so I can go look up reference, because I didn't have a sufficient understanding of what I was drawing in the first place. And that level varies depending on what it is.

    For me, drawing humans and faces are the worst. Some people can draw things and hide inaccuracies in "style", but the best imaginative drawers seem to omit rather than hide, which implies they know what they're hiding.

    I don't think there is a single "this is how you do things digitally" class at SVSLearn, but there are lots of examples of how individuals use digital tools to accomplish what they want. I know that's not helpful. I'd urge you to follow the suggested curriculum and see how your imaginative capacity grows... It might render some interesting developments? πŸ™‚

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